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Are reservations required?

Reservations are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, (Reservations are required in advance if bringing anyone under the age of 18) To keep the environment relaxing for both guests and the cats, we do limit occupancy to no more than 15 at a time inside the cat lounge. Reservations guarantee you will be able to spend time in the cat lounge, as these do fill up very quickly! We do offer walk-ins as well based on availability at that time at the same hourly rate. Our cafe is open to the public to grab something to go without reserving cat lounge time.

I don't want to adopt, can I still come visit the lounge?

Absolutely! Our playful cats love the social interaction with guests that they have in our cat lounge. Need some motivation to help study? Looking to help cats in need? Can't have any pets of your own? No matter the occasion, we would love to see you at our cat lounge!

Do I have to pay the cover charge?

Yes. The Chatty Cat Cafe is almost entirely funded through our cat lounge visits. Each entry fee allows us to continue our mission of fostering and finding homes for cats. While some may think it’s silly to “pay to pet cats”, your support is used to care for rescue cats and the attendants who keep them safe and healthy.

Are kids allowed?

kids 6 years and older are welcome at The Chatty Cat Cafe!  Our policy on children is as follows: Online reservations must be completed in advance if bringing anyone under the age of 18. All children under the age of 18 must have a waiver form signed by a parent or legal guardian, all children under the age of 15 must be supervised by an adult, and an adult may not supervise more than three children at once. The cafe is a family friendly space and we encourage you to bring your children for the experience. View additional details and waivers by clicking here

Where do the cats
come from?

Our cats are all adoptable cats and kittens that come from our rescue friends at Rural Ohio Cats and Kittens (ROCK), Maddys cat rescue or local shelters. These rescues take in cats from many situations - including helping stray cat communities, overcrowded shelters, owner surrenders, and humane cases.

I Found a cat (or need to surrender my cat)

We can only take in cats through our rescue partners for the health and safety of cats in our cafe. We do not possess the proper permits to accept cats directly. All of our cats must be fully vetted, spay/neutered and vaccinated before arriving at the cafe.

Can I bring my cat?

Unfortunately, No. This is the question (or statement) we hear the most. Usually it's a statement such as "I cant wait to come and bring my little Fluffy!". The Chatty Cat Cafe serves as a temporary home for cats and kittens who are waiting to be adopted. We make sure to only have the number of cats that can roam comfortably and stress-free in the space we have, we ensure all cafe cats are up-to date on vaccinations, and have been eased into the cat cafe environment. We cannot accommodate new, unfamiliar cats coming in and out of the cafe. This is for the protection (and sanity) of your cat(s) and the cafe cats. 

Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring at this time, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates!

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