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Adoptable Cat

The Chatty Cat Cafe

Hot Coffee & Cool Cats

(Don't worry - there's Iced coffee too)

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Sip Coffee - Save Cats

Puurrfection at its finest

We have many options on our drink menu, including coffee drinks, Popping Bubble Drinks, and other non-coffee options while you visit the cats in our lounge
(or order to go! Every purchase helps rescue cats!) 


Find your next furever friend

All of the cats in our cat lounge are fully vetted and available for adoption! We partner with local shelters and rescues, so if at the end of your visit you've fallen in love with a new feline friend, you can apply to take them home with you!

(falling in love and adopting one forever not required - but we do have adoption applications available if you chose to adopt!)

Curious Cat
Neva Masquerade Cat


What is a cat cafe

And other FAQs

Cat Peeping at Food Bowl

Help us 
help rescue cats
Find forever homes

Wishlist Items

We are always in need of supplies for our cats & kittens. The Chatty Cat Cafe is not a 501c3 so donations are not tax deductible, however they are very much appreciated!

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Fur Real -- Book your spot Meow

Cat Lounge Reservations

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